Welcome to my world of color, light, balance and realism. A place where creative, one-of-a-kind images are born. Where art & style collide.

Enormous amounts of pride are put into creating the best images possible, creating distinctive works of art with each assignment. The studio is located in downtown Lorain, Ohio, is anchored among the rebirth of the entertainment district and serves as the creative hub for composing incredible & meaningful photographs for each client. Jason Shaffer Photography specializes in food, commercial, portrait and product photography. Step inside and see why Jason Shaffer Photography is one of the most thought-provoking photography solutions in Northern Ohio.


AND THE REBIRTH OF BROADWAY AVENUE. I am so proud to call Downtown Lorain the home of our new studio & to help be a part of the rebirth of Broadway Avenue. The timing was perfect for us, closing a chapter at our former Amherst location & coming in on the ground floor of this incredible movement to rebuild Lorain's downtown area. The people of Lorain have welcomed us with open arms & have shown great excitement towards this journey of restoring our historic building. If you haven't visited the downtown lately, come see the changes!

We are located just moments from Lake Erie, The Black River & The Charles Berry Memorial Bridge.

Come see the artistic sites in Downtown Lorain during this year's Firefish Festival.

Shop at the local stores and dine at the incredible new eateries on Broadway Avenue.

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