This building has been a major labor of love, but mostly labor. A year after we finished our complete renovation at our Amherst location, we found out the building owners we changing hands, and the new owners had different plans for our location. This was completely jarring & was a very difficult situation to navigate through. Long story short, we whole hardheartedly landed in Lorain, Ohio. We acquired the new studio space at 633 Broadway Avenue and created a plan to do a complete remodel to the two story building. We stripped the downstairs back down to its bear bones, removing 7 layers of flooring, hundreds of pounds of plaster, tens of thousands of staples & nails and every else imaginable. The studio is still currently under construction but almost 3/4 complete. Below is a gallery of various stages of construction. I am beyond proud of this place and cannot wait to make lifelong memories in Lorain.